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Tropical Storm Bertha Hits the Lesser Antilles

Dr. Jeff Masters, August 1, 2014

Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground

The center of Tropical Storm Bertha was passing between the Lesser Antilles islands of Martinique and Dominica near 4 pm EDT on Friday, but has brought little in the way of strong winds or heavy rain to the Lesser Antilles Islands so far. As of 4 pm, Martinique had received 0.35" of rain, with top winds of 22 mph. Dominica had a wind gust of 43 mph at 4 pm EDT.

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Tracking El Niño: Summertime Update

Dr. Ricky Rood, August 1, 2014

Professor, University of Michigan

Looking at the press and blogs reports, I would be interested to see in the blog comments how people think “super” and “monster” entered into the discussion. There is a burst of the adjectives in the press and blogs in May, followed quite quickly in June by people distancing themselves from the extreme description. Accompanying this distancing is the growth of commentary in the press and blogs about exaggerated claims and failed models. I point out explicitly, there is no language of exaggeration in the summaries from the prediction centers, which should be viewed as the basic knowledge-based information. Therefore, there is no foundation to say these models have failed in any fundamental sense.

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National 24-hour Precipitation Records

Christopher C. Burt, August 1, 2014

Weather Historian, Weather Underground

Earlier this week, on July 28th, both Holland and Germany saw some incredible rainfalls that approached their respective all-time national records for greatest 24-hour precipitation totals. Here are some details on these events as well as a ‘potted’ list of some other national records of such.

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Weekly Weather Roundup: Typhoon Matmo

Wunder Video Blog, Juli 29, 2014

Videos from Weather Underground

Matmo made landfall, California faces wildfires, and we play Puppy or Cloud.

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This place is not for the faint of heart, nor the weak stomached.Lake Champlain, in all its beauty and majestic landscape has been brutally unkind to open up the second stop on the Bassmaster Northern Open trail.

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Problems finding your station on the wundermap or station list?

Kari Strenfel, Juli 9, 2014

Meteorologist, Weather Underground

Improvements to the PWS database! Please leave any comments and concerns on this blog so we can continue to improve the experience for our PWS owners.

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Winter Premonitions

Zachary Labe, Juli 25, 2014

Northeast Weather Analyst

Despite the current lackluster El Nino, SST anomalies are expected to rise over the next few months. This may foretell some signs for the upcoming winter across the east.

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Portlight Relief Trailer

Portlight, Juli 2, 2014

Disaster Relief Organization

This season, we hope to deploy a disaster shelter trailer, similar to the one below, which will help us assist shelter operators in making their facilities fully accessible to people with all types of disabilities. This will include ramping, railings, cots, dinner- and drinkware, and assistive technologies for those with vision, hearing, cognitive and developmental delays.

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