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Dangerous Category 3 Odile Bearing Down on Baja

Dr. Jeff Masters, September 14, 2014

Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground

Dangerous Category 3 Hurricane Odile is bearing down on Mexico's Baja Peninsula as the storm steams north-northwestwards at 14 mph towards the southwestern tip of Baja. Odile is likely to be the strongest or second strongest hurricane on record to affect Southern Baja.

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August 2014 Global Weather Extremes Summary

Christopher C. Burt, September 12, 2014

Weather Historian, Weather Underground

August featured a record heat wave in the Baltics and Belarus, record cold in Northern Ireland, extreme rainfall events along the U.S. East Coast and in Michigan. Deadly flooding in Nepal and India killed at least 200 and Typhoon Halong hit Japan. A rare tropical storm struck the Big Island of Hawaii. Perth, Australia had its warmest August on record while Darwin measured its coldest August temperature on record.

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Steve Gregory, September 14, 2014

Sr. Forecaster/Risk Analysis, Weather Intel Services

No threat of Tropical Cyclone formation in the Atlantic Basin this week - but Major CAT 4 Hurricane ODILE approaching Baja could bring life threatening flash flooding to the Southwest U.S.

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Climate Lottery- Fall 2014 Contest

Guy Walton, September 14, 2014

Lead Forecaster, The Weather Channel

*A special note: I am offering a $100 cash prize for the fall 2014 contest that will be open from the time of this blog posting and close on midnight EDT OCT 5th. Just give your picks in the wunderg...

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Milestone susceptibility: Living Openly with Our Climate

Dr. Ricky Rood, September 11, 2014

Professor, University of Michigan

People ask me these days why I keep blogging. Perhaps that’s a hint. They imagine that I spend my days in repeated bickering that includes personal insults. That’s not the case at all. My reasons include hearing from staffers in D.C. or a state capital that they look to my blogs for some considered analysis or synthesis on some current climate-change subject. The occasional note that someone in a pay grade far above mine, will be in some meeting, and needs to know how to respond to the whole silly warming pause, warming hiatus thing.

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Get The Lead Out

Jim Root, September 8, 2014

Professional Bass Angler

The biggest reasons why Tungsten weights are better to use than the traditional lead weights.

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Houston Getting it Right Conference

Portlight, September 8, 2014

Disaster Relief Organization

This two-day workshop will provide a forum to review and establish procedures for accessibility challenges during relief and evacuation efforts.

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Approach of the Climatological Fall

Zachary Labe, August 20, 2014

Northeast Weather Analyst

Seasonable weather will continue and finish off the climatological summer.

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